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In Home Elder Care Advice: Gift Ideas for Seniors

Sep 13, 2018 by Jennifer Cason

Older adults appreciate gifts, especially ones that are well thought out and ideal for their personality and interests. If you are unsure of what type of gift to purchase for your senior adult, this list of senior gift ideas by in home elder care professionals is bound to help you out.


Themed Gift Basket

To create a themed gift basket, select a theme that your senior will enjoy and fill a basket with various items related to the theme. For example, if your older loved one loves the beach, add sunscreen, a beach towel, customized water bottle, and other beach goodies to a basket.


Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are great because they can allow older adults to display multiple photos at one time. If your senior enjoys family photographs, a digital photo frame would make an excellent addition to their home.


Magazine Subscription

Many seniors love to read. If you know that your older loved one is a fan of a certain magazine, a monthly subscription to it makes a fun gift idea. Aides who offer in home elder care explain that older adults are often excited to receive something in the mail on a regular basis, making a magazine subscription a wise choice.



Some older adults prefer experiences over things. If you know your senior loved one has always wanted to go somewhere or do something, consider purchasing an experience gift. In home elder care providers in Brentwood, TN suggest tickets to see a play, a day at a museum or art gallery, or even a weekend getaway to a nearby bed and breakfast.


A Senior-Friendly Tablet

There are plenty of tablets on the market that are specifically designed for senior citizens. These tablets are easy-to-use and feature large text so that seniors can play games, read books, surf the web, watch movies, and use social media.


A themed gift basket, digital photo frame, magazine subscription, experience, or a senior-friendly tablet are all great gift options for your senior’s birthday or a special holiday or occasion.


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