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Elder Care Advice: Unique Summer Activities for Seniors

Aug 16, 2018 by Jennifer Cason

Now that it’s summer, there are countless activities that can keep seniors active and entertained. These activities can allow older adults to take in the sunshine, blue skies, and fresh air and make wonderful memories with their loved ones.


While walking around the neighborhood or swimming are great options, our elder care professionals have compiled this list of unique summer activities for older adults.


Visit the Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market is the perfect place to spend a summer morning or afternoon. It can give seniors the chance to connect with their community and enjoy access to some of the freshest produce. Elder care professionals suggest seniors find new recipes and use their farmer’s market produce to prepare some new and nutritious dishes.



Volunteering is a no cost activity that can give older adults the chance to support a cause they value. Seniors can volunteer alone or with their loved ones at a local soup kitchen, fundraiser, or animal shelter. Cleaning up a community park is another excellent volunteer idea that can allow seniors to enjoy the nice weather.


Start a Garden

Gardening offers a variety of benefits for seniors including stronger bones, an improved mood, natural exposure to vitamin D, and socialization opportunities. Since the weather is nice now, elder care aides encourage seniors to start a garden or potting a few plants for their window sill.


Take an Outdoor Exercise Class

Exercise is more fun in a group setting outdoors. That’s why, elder care providers in Brentwood, TN suggest outdoor exercise classes for seniors who would like to stay fit throughout the summer months. These classes are usually held at community parks or fitness centers.


Visiting the farmer’s market, volunteering, starting a garden, and taking an outdoor exercise class are all examples of different and enjoyable summer activities for older adults.


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