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Home Health Care Advice: Health Benefits of Sleep for Seniors

Jun 21, 2018 by Jennifer Cason

The importance of getting a good night’s sleep should not be overlooked by older adults. By making it a top priority to create a comfortable sleep environment and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each evening, seniors can enjoy a higher quality of life. Providers who specialize in home health care share the following health benefits of sleep for older adults:


Stress Reduction

Physical and mental limitations, financial challenges, and the loss of loved ones can cause a great deal of stress for older adults. If their bodies don’t get enough sleep, they may react by generating an elevated level of stress hormones. Regular and comfortable sleep can easily prevent this.


Improved Memory

Senior citizens can boost their memory by getting enough sleep. They will find that regular, quality sleep will allow them to remember and process things better. Aides who offer home health care explain that a good night’s sleep can also help seniors reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


Lowered Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can reduce an older adult’s chance of stroke and heart attack. However, getting plenty of sleep can promote a constant state of relaxation. Relaxation is key because it can lower blood pressure and keep it under control.


Improved Mood

Since lack of sleep can make senior citizens agitated, they are more likely to treat a loved one poorly if they don’t get enough sleep. The better they sleep, the more they are able to stay calm and collected.


Greater Heart Health

A regular sleep schedule can lower stress and inflammation in a senior’s cardiovascular system. Professionals who offer home health care in Brentwood, TN explain that healthy sleep habits can reduce an older adults’ risk of heart attack or stroke.


Getting enough sleep can allow seniors to reduce stress, improve memory, lower blood pressure, improve mood, and reduce heart attack and stroke risk.


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