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Quality Home Care Services Advice: Tips for Seniors Who Would Like to Exercise in the Morning

Jun 7, 2018 by Jennifer Cason

Although not all seniors are morning people, some could benefit from waking up each morning and getting their workout out of the way. By incorporating morning workouts into their life, they can enjoy more energy throughout the day, maintain a healthy weight, and live a more productive lifestyle. Providers who offer quality home care services in Brentwood, TN suggest these tips for seniors who would like to exercise in the morning:


Go to Bed Early

The night before a morning workout, seniors should go to bed early. This way, they will be well rested and have an easier time getting up. Aides who provide quality home care services recommend that older adults go to bed at the same time each evening to get their bodies into a routine.


Set Two Alarms

Older adults are less likely to sleep through their morning workout time if they have two alarms set. The first alarm can let them know they have 15 or 20 minutes more to sleep while the second one can inform them that it’s time to get up and moving.


Prepare Clothes and Shoes in Advance

It’s a good idea for seniors to prepare their exercise clothes and tennis shoes the night before. By laying them out on their dresser, they’ll be able to get up, get dressed, and start exercising. They won’t have to dig through their closet and waste time trying to find the right workout outfit.


Plan a Delicious Breakfast

By planning a nutritious and delicious breakfast, older adults will be more likely to wake up for their morning workout. Professionals who specialize in quality home care services recommend whole wheat toast and avocado, yogurt with granola, a spinach and feta omelet, or whole wheat pancakes.


Going to bed early, setting two alarms, preparing clothes and shoes in advance, and planning a delicious breakfast can all help seniors get their workout in when it’s bright and early.


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