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In Home Care for Seniors Advice: Misleading Foods Older Adults Should Avoid

May 24, 2018 by Jennifer Cason

There are a variety of popular meals, snacks, and drinks that seniors may believe are healthy that are actually low in nutritional value. In order to maintain a healthy weight and reduce their risk for serious health complications, older adults should refrain from eating the following misleading foods:


Gluten-Free Products

Many older adults believe if they opt for gluten-free products, they will lose weight. The truth is that these products are full of various flours, starches, and additional sugar that can take a toll on a senior’s health. If seniors do not have celiac disease, they should refrain from eating gluten-free products on a regular basis.


Trail Mix

Trail mix can be healthy. However, many older adults opt for the kinds that are full of mini chocolate peanut butter cups and M&Ms. Aides who offer in home care for seniors suggest that if they do eat trail mix, they choose the kind that has unsalted nuts and a bit of dried fruit.


Restaurant Salads

The majority of salads sold in restaurants and convenience stores are anything but healthy. They are loaded with calories and sugar and should be avoided. Professionals who offer in home care for seniors suggest that seniors make their own salads at home with fresh veggies and olive oil rather than sugary store bought dressing.


Veggie Chips

While veggie chips are made with vegetables, they are still fried just like regular potato chips. Since baking, frying, and even cooking vegetables removes their nutrients, older adults go for raw veggies if they’re craving some veggies. Those who provide in home care for seniors in Brentwood, TN recommend homemade baked chips if they are in the mood for something crunchy.


Gluten-free products, trail mix, restaurant or store bought salads, and veggie chips can all be unhealthy for seniors and should be substituted for more nutritious options whenever possible.

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