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Living Assistance Advice: Tech Gadgets Seniors Should Try This Winter

Feb 15, 2018 by Jennifer Cason


Although the winter season can be difficult for individuals of all ages, it’s particularly challenging for older adults. When the winter makes its debut, many older adults have a tough time navigating icy roads and snowy walkways, staying warm indoors, and avoiding the cold and flu. Fortunately, there are several tech gadgets that can help seniors stay safe, healthy, and comfortable throughout the winter. Living assistance providers suggest the following tech gadgets:


Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help older adults stay warm while saving energy and money on heating bills. It allows seniors to use their smartphone to control the temperature of their home and turn the temperature down when they are away.


Remote Car Starter

Remote car starters are affordable and very beneficial for senior drivers. Aides who offer living assistance explain that a remote car starter can allow seniors to start their car in the morning without leaving the warmth of their home, melt ice and snow off their car by remotely running their defroster, and reduce trips between their car and home.


Weather App

Weather apps are designed to inform individuals of upcoming weather conditions. With a weather app, older adults can always be aware of the forecast and refrain from making plans on days with predicted snowstorms.


Heated Blankets

Electric blankets are similar to heating pads and feature an insulated wire or heating element that is inserted into fabric that instantly heats up when it they are plugged in. They are ideal for seniors who would like to keep warm and cuddle up with a good book on cold winter days.


Heated Insoles

Cold feet are a common winter issue among the older population. Thanks to heated insoles, seniors can avoid sore, stiff, and cold feet. Living assistance professionals note that heated insoles often come with a removable, rechargeable battery, remote operation, and several temperature settings.


A programmable thermostat, remote car starter, weather app, heated blankets, and heated insoles can all keep older adults safe, comfortable, and happy this winter season.

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