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Home Care Options Advice: Why Seniors Should Consider a Personal Trainer

Feb 1, 2018 by Jennifer Cason

For years, personal trainers have helped individuals of all ages meet and exceed their health and fitness goals. If your senior lacks the motivation to exercise or has been inactive for quite some time and simply does not know where to start, investing in personal training sessions is a good idea. Here are several reasons aides who provide home care options encourage seniors to work with a personal trainer:


A Customized Exercise Program

Most older adults are unsure of which types of exercises are right for their particular body, health condition, and goals. A personal trainer can design a customized exercise program that contains cardio, weight training, and flexibility training and keeps their unique needs in mind. This way, seniors will know what types of exercises to focus on and increase their chances of seeing results.



One of the greatest benefits of a personal trainer for seniors is the motivation they can bring. All too often, seniors skip their workouts in order to relax on the couch or engage in another non-active activity. While this is okay from time to time, it can take a toll on a senior’s health when it happens too often. Professionals who specialize in home care options state that when seniors know they have an appointment with their trainer, they are more likely to get up and exercise.


Good Form

Good form can prevent older adults from injuring themselves and ensure that the exercises they are performing are effective. A personal trainer can show a senior how to properly perform every exercise in their customized exercise program so that they keep their bodies safe and avoid wasting their time and energy on bad form.


In Home Exercise

Sometimes, seniors do not exercise because they prefer to do so in privacy and do not have the resources and/or equipment to exercise at home. Those who provide home care options explain that personal trainers are willing to come to a client’s home if that is what they prefer.


Personal training can motivate seniors, provide them with a customized exercise routine, ensure they are practicing good form, and allow them to exercise in the comfort and privacy of their own home. 

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