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Home Caregiver Tips: Foods That Can Lower a Senior’s Blood Pressure

Aug 24, 2017 by Jennifer Cason

Seniors with high blood pressure have 3 to 4 times the risk of developing heart disease and stroke symptoms than those with healthy blood pressure levels. Therefore, it’s essential that older adults make it a priority to reduce their blood pressure. By eating the following foods, seniors can do just that.


White Beans

White beans without salt are a delicious ingredient in a side dish, soup, or entree, especially for vegetarian seniors looking to fulfill their protein requirements. A Home caregiver can explain that a cup of white beans contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium and can encourage your senior to incorporate this dietary staple into their meal plan.


Fat-Free Plain Yogurt

Older adults can purchase fat-free yogurt at the local grocery store or make it at home to meet nutrient requirements and control fat content. Yogurt is a good choice that can easily adhere to their high blood pressure diet. It can be eaten plain or added to salad dressings and sauces.


Frozen Peaches

Although regular peaches are full of nutrients, those that are frozen are better for a senior trying to lower their blood pressure because they are less sweet. A Home caregiver can help older adults defrost the frozen peaches in advance and add to a blender with other ingredients to create a delicious smoothie.



There’s a reason quinoa has increased in popularity in recent years. It is full of a variety of phytonutrients as well as magnesium, making it an ideal food for older adults looking to lower their blood pressure. Your loved one’s Home caregiver can encourage senior clients to try quinoa in the traditional beige color or the red and black colors.



Avocado contains monounsaturated fats and carotenoids, which are all good for the heart. It can be eaten plain, added to a sandwich or salad, or even blended into a smoothie.


Foods such as white beans, fat-free plain yogurt, frozen peaches, quinoa, and avocado are all highly recommended for senior citizens in Brentwood, TN who would like to reduce their blood pressure levels and decrease their risk of developing a life-threatening condition.


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